The Movement Toward Summer

When I arrived in Tucson last week on April 25th, the Palo Verde trees were all in bloom with yellow flowers. While it’s not a forest it is everywhere. This is the main flowering tree around here and the flowers remind me of being in DC and awaiting the magic of the Cherry Blossoms in late March where you can’t help but be hypnotized by the magnificent trees’ energy. Then later in April the azalea bushes are in full bloom, then as they wilt and fall the heat intensifies as Summer comes.

Back here in the Desert, when eyes look down from the yellow flowers of the Palo Verde the cacti are in bloom at the same time. The desert is alive in an unusual array of colors. I came here and witnessed the height of Spring and the movement to the next energetic. But the way to know this is always watching the blossoms wilt to the ground. Summer shows its strength and glory just as the Spring had.

But here we are on May 5th the first day of Summer according to the wisdom of the Chinese Calendar, and those flowers are increasingly a carpet on the ground. The trees now are full of green leaves and are beginning to provide a little more shade in the summer heat. The heat while unpredictable from day to day is full on and you can feel it in the dryness in your mouth, your nose, and on your skin. You feel shifts inside you in various ways. It appears that everyone here is well aware of the shift with hats and sunglasses and carrying water with them.

And there are the other things to be aware of. The snakes are out. I keep my eyes peeled as my dog has no snake training and I expect his curiosity might be his undoing. It is really the snake’s land and as long as you give them their due you can keep at peace. I saw a rattler run over by a car this morning. I don’t want to encounter one up close and personal.

Also, on May 5th there was a lunar eclipse.  It was at the full moon, this time in Scorpio. There is nothing to be afraid of here. It might be intense transformation, rebirth, or something more and unique for you. As with lunar eclipses, your perception might open and expand. You might have to confront something in your life that just doesn’t work. You might feel you are going faster than the usual. It is better to take a pause and slow down. You may need to change course. Always take the moment to look at the truth about yourself and feel a wave of compassion, and then incorporate that part and go forward. If you can’t sleep – no big deal. You’ll sleep tomorrow the next day.  Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, or Leo
might feel a little shake up that actually could be good for you. As with everything we go through there is an opportunity for growth and learning. Maybe it’s naïve but I think to myself – bring it on.

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