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Healing releases anything that keeps you from the present moment.

What is a symptom really? People have come to me for healing for forty years. What I thought I understood from the beginning was that I worked as a trained professional ready to give treatment. If they could tell me where it hurt, I could use my learned skills to diagnose and treat. I believed this for a short period of time. When a person consults with me there is always a symptom motivating them. The symptom could be a sprained ankle, a digestive disorder, or deep depression – and it is not only a symptom. The symptom identifies that something of great significance is out of balance energetically, which requires identifying and supporting an original healthy alignment, whether you choose to use bodywork, energy work, qigong, acupuncture, or psychotherapy.

As I look at the person with the symptom, whether in person or by phone or zoom, it is clear that we are body, we are mind, and we are spirit. Each affects the other. Without any one of these working together we cannot become the whole person we came here to be. I intentionally use the word ‘whole’. For in becoming whole we count all parts and heal the wounds and scars to the point that they are imperceptible. We are becoming more of who we are meant to be and able to be in the world in a fuller and healthier way.

As in Allopathic Medicine, in energy medicine we also look for patterns of disease, but the question remains the same: Where did this pattern originate? What caused you to be out of balance? You might add: Is this the family pattern? Was there trauma? What is unique about you? What have you been born to heal in this lifetime? What is the gift that you bring to this world that healing this imbalance or wound offers? How can you achieve your highest consciousness through this experience? How does this pattern show up in your work and/or your relationships? Are you aware of their own beauty, value, strength, virtues, and preciousness?

If there is a call to balance coming from any symptom, then healing occurs with the return of balance. The symptom will release, and it will stimulate the connection to something previously blocked in the body/mind/spirit. And the person will have access to his/her essence, authentic and life-giving self.

Distance Healings Sessions

There is a spirit to honor in all things. You can focus on wildlife, the rocks or gemstones, the skies above or earth below or yourself. They all contain the divine spark of light, love, or God. As we come to acknowledge this spark of light, we develop a more sacred relationship with the world. As we embody the sacred, we come closer to our original essence, reflecting the divine in our relationships with the earth and with each other.

In all her work Eve Soldinger relies on her healing and intuitive skills to bring each person into spiritual alignment with source, to understand and address the stagnant energies and to uncover what is the underneath. All healing work is on the subtle energy body and soul. Spirit informs it.

The subtle energy body is the electro-magnetic representation of who we are reflected is the movement in our organs and meridians as well as in our muscles, bones, psyche, soul, and spirit. Think about how each of us are related to the soul. And then think about how each soul is related to the unity of all things.

In sessions, Eve releases energies which inhibits flow and helps to create healthy flow for what we call in Chinese Medicine “Qi”. “Qi” is the substance that is part of all life. It is in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the trees, moon, and stars. It is all Qi. Each individual has complicated wounds that she/he need to heal in life. This is a part our journey in life.

And when we release within sacred space, it is the beginning steps toward experiencing yourself in the joy and happiness you seek. We are all connected through infinite time and space. Working at a distance doesn’t skip any steps and provides a means to facilitate energy healing.

All healing helps you to be in the present moment and to create the life you imagine you can live.

I struggled with depression for years. Traditional doctors left me feeling even more hopeless. Medications felt toxic and the side effects always surpassed any benefits. Since working with Eve, doing distance work, I’ve been free of depression for over 3 years. My frozen shoulder disappeared during a session as well! I’m off all medications and living a life I never thought possible.”

— BA, Alexandria, VA