Preparing for the Year of the Wood Dragon

The year of the Wood Dragon is almost upon us. The Chinese New Year begins the second new moon after the winter solstice. This year it lands on February 10th. Each year we mark the rotation to a different element and a different one of the 12 animals. What can we expect as we transition from water to wood and from Rabbit to Dragon?

When we are in the water years as the past 2 years, we can find stillness and take a deep dive into the things that we want and desire to create. Each of us needs time to germinate ideas and projects and realize what are the priorities in our lives. This quality associated with water is will and during these time periods it is best to learn and discover our will.

Now we move with the wood element. Wood is how we experience the energy that rises in the spring. The nature of wood is birth and expansion. Think of the way it must feel now in the cold with the bare trees and you are in anticipation of those first green leaves. When they arrive, it is like a sudden burst of energy. With this energy shift it is an excellent time to vision for the upcoming months. Whenever there is a shift in the animal cycles to wood one thinks of prosperity and future visions. I think of it as an outstanding creative period. We have an expansive time ahead. The spirit associated with this element is benevolence. May the visions be able to benefit all.

With the dragon you have the lucky sign of the 12 animal signs. Dragons in Chinese culture are found in water or in the clouds. For one thing the clouds depict how close to heaven they are and the water within the seas there are 4 dragons for the King of the sea. On an earthly level the dragons bring healing, rain, and dancing; and on the heavenly level they are thought to be benevolent creatures associated with kings and rulers. Within Taoism the dragon represents the centered way. In Chinese Medicine there are dragon treatments necessary to do major energetic resets. The dragon is important in all cultures but especially in Asian cultures.

Those born under the dragon sign are not only lucky but are bold, charismatic, ambitious, and are strong. A wood dragon will be expansive, lucky, and strong. The triad of the animals associated with the Dragon are dragon, monkey, and rat. It also has a special relationship with roosters. So, all those individuals born under these signs will likely be taking advantage of this shift. The rest of us will benefit from it as well, but maybe not as dramatically.

From now until the 10th there is much to do in order to celebrate the New Year. The first thing is to clean the house. This means every cabinet and take the time to release any things that no longer serve you to have a home that truly gets rid of the old making room for the coming blessings. If you need to take time for yourself and get a haircut. Do it now. It’s good to set off fireworks in celebration.

And then there are the making of red lanterns to welcome the new year. I had to attach this lovely photo.

It’s a time to gather with your family and visit the relatives. You want to share in the excitement for the upcoming change. And last but not least you make prayers to your ancestors or as I like to say the beings around you who protect you.

I just started the cleaning up this week and I have a long way to go, so I want to give you all the opportunity to have at it as well. The more that you do the more that you are in the spirals of time. Through ritual and practices t these moments is how astrology whether western or eastern becomes real.

Moving toward the Fall and letting go

On August 7th, according to the Chinese calendar, the movement to the Autumn season and the Metal Element begins.   It’s easy to lose track of it as there is really another element that forcefully makes an appearance before we feel the Metal element.  This is the Earth element which is the first sign of the slowdown from summer and tends to be realized as a kind of sinking into relaxation.  The fruits and vegetables are glorious at this time and the bounty often requires canning, making jam, pickling, or preparing dishes that you can freeze.   Often this late summer weather is humid.   And it is a time I find that I languish in the accompanying stillness.  I recall the hammock often used in the backyard when I was younger.

Flow of the Heart

We are traveling well into the Fire/Summertime. It is hot here in Tucson. Today the highs will be in the upper 90s. These desert temperatures can be difficult. Sometimes it feels like I’m melting when I walk outside in the afternoon. The heat manages to get deep inside. We reach for the cold drink. Hot drinks would most likely be better. But what else happens this season?

The Movement Toward Summer

When I arrived in Tucson last week on April 25th, the Palo Verde trees were all in bloom with yellow flowers. While it’s not a forest it is everywhere. This is the main flowering tree around here and the flowers remind me of being in DC and awaiting the magic of the Cherry Blossoms in late March where you can’t help but be hypnotized by the magnificent trees’ energy. Then later in April the azalea bushes are in full bloom, then as they wilt and fall the heat intensifies as Summer comes.