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Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong is one of the four branches of Chinese Medicine. While acupuncture, herbs and massage are better known by the public, Medical Qigong also has a long history and application in promoting health and strengthening the body/mind/spirit. As in all the branches of Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong is a complete system that addresses the needs of the individual and treats the whole person targeting the root of the disease while creating balance and harmony for the patient.

Many people haven’t heard of Qigong treatment, but it is within this branch of Chinese Medicine that healer work on the energy field. I was an acupuncturist for 25 years before discovering Qigong treatments. Finally, I discovered the part of Chinese Medicine that was missing. I was already trained to work on the human energy field. Medical Qigong was the missing piece of the puzzle to integrate energy work with the rest of Chinese Medicine. Qi is the energy that courses through the organs, the different body systems, and the energetic flow of the acupuncture meridians. The goal for the Medical Qigong therapist is to identify and remove blockages in the system and from there nourish the entire system.

Removing blockages from the channels and the organs can prevent the progress of the stagnant energy into a disease. It stimulates the immune system building a person’s health and promoting wellness. If a person comes for treatment prior to the onset of symptoms and commits to being in the best health possible, there is a potential to achieve a greater level of wellness and to prevent disease. Treatments strengthen and regulate the internal organs, nervous system, and immune system, relieve pain, regulate hormones, and address stress and emotional upset. Treatments can also identify imbalances brought into this lifetime from other lifetimes and correct the course for the person and family. Dr. Soldinger incorporates Medical Qigong into all her distance work.

And most amazing is that a client can practice Qigong between sessions using breathing, sound, creative visualization, and spiritual intention to promote health and release disease. Even without treatment a Qigong practice keeps one healthy.

Since 2020 when Covid prevented meeting in person, Eve has been offering Qigong and Meditation several times a week on Zoom. Please write to me directly for registration information at

Times are listed by the Eastern Time Zone


Sunday at 5 PM
Everyday Qigong

Monday at 9 AM
Taoist Meditation

Tuesday at 5 PM:  Flow of the Elements

Thursday at 5 PM
Flow of the Elements

Friday at 8:30 AM
Heart Meditation

Friday at 9 AM
Slow and Easy Qigong

Announcing New Offering:  Sunrise Qigong at 7AM on the South Side of Benny’s at Lake Worth Beach beginning 3/28.  

“After my Qigong treatment I was not depressed. Everything in me seemed to awaken. I can see everything more clearly.” – JV from Washington, DC recovering from a stroke.