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Crystals & Gemstones


I studied with a Mayan Elder for over 10 years.  For me, he was magic.  He taught the way of the Mayans, we went to sacred locations and made ceremony, and he carried a sacred bundle.  In the bundle were many sacred objects but among them were special beans that he would use in an oracular tradition.  People would come and they would consult him asking important personal questions and he would open his bundle spread sacred beans and offer knowing sage advice.  During the reading he would have several crystals set up on the table and I would notice that he would take certain moments to look at the crystals as if he was having a conversation.  I noticed it but didn’t say anything.  I didn’t interrupt every time he did something that was magic. It was ‘interesting’ and outside my experience.  I didn’t rush out to buy rocks and crystals. He was special and had special relationships with all things including crystals, animals, the land, and spirit.

Around 2007, I took a Medical Qigong Class on Crystals and Gemstones with Qigong Master Jerry Alan Johnson.  It was based on ancient Chinese Medical knowledge.  The class was an eye opener.  Even if I wasn’t totally enthusiastic about crystals yet, I saw that there were certain people who responded positively and were able to transform their energy system in response to the use of gemstones and crystals.  The most impressive for me was using crystals when treating my brother during his cancer treatment. When I would use the crystals during a healing, he would go into a totally expanded space.  He loved those treatments and would have been happy if I offered them to him 4 times a day.  Normally, he was not the sort of person who was fascinated by the gifts of the earth.  But with these healings he journeyed to amazing places in himself.

For a couple of years, after taking this class, I used the crystals in every healing that I did.  Then for some unknown reason they were on the back burner for a while.   In 2016, I was at a big event and feeling uncomfortable and I had some inner guidance that told me to go home and meditate with the green kyanite stone I had just bought.  I did just that.  During this meditation I had a very strong sense of my heart expanding.  I went online and started buying stones I hadn’t heard of before.  I fell in love with crystals and stones.

I found myself using stones if I did acupuncture treatments or Medical Qigong treatments.  It amplifies the direction of the treatment no matter the issue.  Because of this development, I began to once again to earnestly study the stones and gain further insight into the healing properties. Somehow my left and right brain were both a part of this process. And to my surprise, most people respond to this style of work.  Granted, nothing is for everyone, but this mineral world has been a part of Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

I found their influence in all things energetic.  During Qigong practice and classes I often find that using crystals and stones builds a stronger field as people are cultivating their Qi. When I had my in-person practice I loved using stones. I loved the special relationship I had using them.

When I was studying for my Doctorate in Medical Qigong, I decided to do my thesis on the use of gemstones and crystals. I was totally immersed in the study of gemstones. Now in 2023, I am beginning to offer one-hour classes on crystals and gemstones once a month for an hour. It is both didactic and meditative to help develop a relationship with each category of crystals. The first presentation was on all the Calcites. The Second was on Turquoise.

May 19th at noon

Protective Stones

June 16th at noon

Multidimensional Stones

July 21st at noon

Heart Stones