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I had been an astrology student since I was a teenager. I loved going to lectures and reading books. And it interfaces well with the elements as I understand them in Chinese Medicine. In fact, I think it was astrology that first introduced me to the elements. It is another lens toward understanding our world.

I am that person who is always looking at astrology charts. Often, I would do it as an extra thing during an acupuncture treatment because it felt to me that something was going on with an astrological transit. I have looked at hundreds to thousands of charts through the years in an attempt to understand some of the influences in a person’s life that would bring on a healing crisis or medical emergency in their lives. And with that I always look to see what the gifts in a person’s life are so that they get to experience as well.

After I closed my clinic in Washington, DC I started studying astrology daily sometimes 6 hours a day.  It is as if there is another path that I was meant to explore.   I love Chinese Medicine, the healing power of Stones, Qigong, and now I love Astrology.

I’ve taken numerous classes and some certification programs.  Mostly I can offer a deep sense of how astrology reflects the possibilities of our soul’s journey.  I look at each chart and discern what would make the person happy.  Where are the challenges?  And how can I help them to find the wind behind their sails?

Each reading consists of natal chart interpretation, solar return charts, transits, solar arcs and progressed charts.  The reading takes up to an hour and a half.  It can be done in person or over zoom. Charts don’t have all the answers.  All the answers are in yourself.  But hopefully, it gives you another way to understand what you are going through and to help to find the strength, creativity, positive beliefs, and understanding for the current chapter of your life.

If you haven’t experienced astrology before, now may be your moment.

Astrological Readings

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I highly recommend taking an astrology class with the amazing Eve Soldinger, who is a true fountain of wisdom and knowledge. Eve has a remarkable ability to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way and is always willing to answer questions with patience and clarity. Her passion for astrology is contagious, and her class has helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me, and left me eager to continue my journey of learning from her! — L S. Florida

The presentation was superb plus I loved how you helped us understand the big picture and how our place in the universe changes yet guides us at the same time. There’s a lot of energy out there! — NR, DC