Unexpected Gifts- My Journey with my Father’s Dementia

Unexpected Gifts

Unexpected Gifts is a powerful gift to anyone caring for a family member. While most books about dementia and caregiving focus on losses, Eve instead captures with beautiful clarity and gentle but keen observations the blessings of this remarkable experience.

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About Healing

My commitment is to support a person to be whole and healthy, at every stage of life. I seek to honor the deep and sacred understanding of how every moment is a potential transformation to be present, and open to life, and to the vastness of the heart.

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Magic Carpet Cast

In October 2020, I had an opportunity to do a podcast with my friend Gemma Deller who is an amazing medium, psychic and healing force.  It was a blast making it and I think it is an interesting conversation from start to finish.  So please take a listen.


Healing Modalities