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Eve will be offering a weekend workshop on Friday, October 27- Sunday, October 29th at Casa Om Potomac on Spiritual Breakthroughs: Finding the Self between Heaven and Earth.We will be doing Meditation, Qigong, Breathwork, Shamanic journeying and Creative Manifestation. The goal is your own kind of spiritual breakthrough where at the end of the workshop your path and spiritual purpose feels clearer, and you are aware of the Divine influence in your life.

The venue is totally gorgeous in Morgantown, WV, and one of the intentions is to facilitate a deep relaxation on all levels. The process will give the opportunity for individuals to be in their own. For this retreat the primary focus will be more spiritual rather than physical. And you can make it a personally tailored retreat spending time on the trails or in meditation. There will be the offering to create sacred ceremony for the fire and water elements. Since the last retreat the staff at Casa Om Potomac has built stairs going to the river’s edge. If possible we gaze at the stars in the water as the Mayans always have. I will be sending out notices soon with all the details. My friend Shira Oz-Sinai will be assisting me in leading this workshop.

Gourmet Vegetarian meals are provided from Dinner on Friday to Lunch on Sunday.

Place look at these gorgeous photos and realize what you can create within yourself and your life by coming.

This cost per person at Casa Om increased by $100 per day, which is the reflected in the costs.


Sorry but the workshop is full.  Write to if you would like to be put on a waiting list.

Double Occupancy

Single Occupancy

“While attending shamanic workshops at Findhorn in Scotland, I appreciated the chance to live onsite for a week and to partake of the consecrated atmosphere they have cultivated over many decades. Yet, I found myself in similar sacred consciousness during Eve’s workshops. It was easy to remain in a deep state of connection to the divine mysteries. Eve offers a graceful balance between teaching content from her vast expert knowledge, nurturing the engagement of each participant, and intuitive facilitation, allowing Spirit to enter fully.”

— LB, Fairfax, CA


Individual Mentoring is available for healers of all kinds: Acupuncturist, Physicians, Physical Therapists, Energy Workers

The goal whether it is for a group or individual is to help you heal your own issues as well as develop yourself as an instrument for healing.