On Jasper the Great Traveling Dog

Whenever I talk with people, they ask me about my traveling companion Jasper. Let me assure you he is totally fine. I’m not sure he likes traveling in the van as he resists coming inside when it is time to hit the road. And he resists getting in the van even after a day of hours of activities outside, I think he would rather be in a hotel.

I did have one scary moment with him back in January. We were staying at an RV park near Gainesville, Florida. I was meeting friends there who were also traveling. At night I was reading on my iPad around midnight, and just as I turned the device off, I felt Jasper get on his back and suddenly I heard that he had fallen off the bed and between the crack to the back doors. Under the bed is what we in van life call the garage. There are plastic bins of food stuff, clothes, paints, and various camping supplies. Anyway, for a brief minute I tried to get him up from inside the van. It was impossible so I quickly put on pants and shoes and went to the back of the van to retrieve him. I hoped he had not broken his back or other bodily harm. I opened the door to a very frightened pup, but he walked normally and didn’t seem worse for wear. Luckily, I didn’t need to go to an all-night vet. This was the most frightening thing.

Most things are funny now. We spend all our time together. He is so excited to see anyone, absolutely anyone new. I have always said he is running for mayor wherever we are, but it is 10 times worse now. Please let me be with people is the message that I get from him. We go to dog parks, hiking trails, watch the birds and the mountain, but I often feel that he wonders where our house is. He does keep track of where the van is located which helps me. He is definitely in charge of the direction we go on the trails.  He is a useful hiking guide. As you may know I do stay at hotels or in homes to teach classes.  I think he loves this.  Last week we were in a hotel with 2 beds in the room.  He always starts sleeping on the floor and then I find him in my bed.  This night when I got up, I found him happily spread out over the other bed.  Then I had my information.  He prefers his own double bed.  What a riot it is to have a dog companion.  I know he is spoiled, but we communicate all the time and I don’t really care if he is spoiled.  I can take him to any restaurant, and he lies down and is a very good boy.  He is kind to everyone so I’m happy.

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