Crystal of the Month: Brandberg Crystals

Brandberg Crystals are found only in Damaraland in Namibia, South Africa. When I discovered them in November 2017 I was taken by their beauty and healing power.

They have a very high frequency.  These crystals are a combination of clear quartz, smoky quartz and amethyst.   Generally, one experiences a greater clarity with them,  but also they magnify all feelings. You can easily meditate with one and go deep toward recovering old memories and healing old wounds.

As with all crystals matching a person with a stone is a matter of vibration. However with Brandberg Crystals you have a strong sense that they are looking for their owners.
Last year in Tucson during my introduction to this crystal, the seller was painstakingly explaining them to me and peeked my curiosity. (He began by  showing me a 7 page article.) I placed one in my palm, just to feel into it.  After about 10 seconds  it split in 2.  It was shocking for me and for the sellers our mouths dropped open in shock.  For me it felt like it immediately traveled to a broken place inside me that had been that way so long, I didn’t even recognize it as a break.  And immediately as I stood there I felt like the healing was happening as energy flowed through this very old part of me.

Make no mistake, the experience of these crystals are very strong. As one person said to me, he felt like he could get rid of many of his crystals and just work with this one crystal.

Let me know if this beauty is yours.

Purchase for $289


Brandberg Crystal

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