“Eve is a compassionate and empowering mentor. Her expertise and expansive understanding concerning the nature and applications of Medical Qigong theory and practice provides an extraordinary experience.

For over seven years I had been intensely tormented with debilitating, widespread, and relentless pain. The extreme fatigue and emotional unrest was constant, and no matter how many doctors and protocols I endured, my situation did not improve. My battle seemed to be lost. However, when I met Eve, the tide turned, and my visits with her have yielded unprecedented results.

As I have worked with Eve over the course of the past eight months, the constant fatigue and torturous pain faded; and a peace, confidence, and abundant life I had never before experienced have flowed in their stead. The distressing and unrelenting anguish to which I had grown accustomed completely vanished. The most remarkable part is that now my former suffering seems to be nothing more than a distant memory. It is so overshadowed by all the good it seems pointless to even ponder it’s worth.

The clarity and peace of mind that surround me are an outstanding testament to the strength and power Eve masterfully orchestrates. I am beyond grateful that the relief I so earnestly sought has finally been found.

I would describe my relationship with Eve as a miraculously profound, life-changing experience – the one that we all hope for but are doubtful we will ever actually find. Thank you Eve, for your incredible work, and the exceptional inspiration you provide. You have transformed my life!”

— C.S. Reston, Virginia

“I struggled with depression for years. Traditional doctors left me feeling even more hopeless. Medications felt toxic and the side effects always surpassed any benefits. Since working with Eve I’ve been free of depression for over 3 years. My frozen shoulder disappeared during a session as well! I’m off all medications and living a life I never thought possible.”

— JL, Alexandria, VA

“I have been seeing Eve for 6 months following colon surgery. Her healing instincts are reassuring and highly effective. One can feel the spreading of balance and energy during the time on her table, and you will leave feeling energized. For both preventive and therapeutic purposes, one would be hard-pressed to find someone with better instincts for getting to the root of the physical and emotional issues that affect health.”

JL, Washington, DC