From Stillness to Movement

Qigong workshop with Eve Soldinger, April 3-5, 2020, Om Casa Potomac in Martinsburg, WV

Please register early as I imagine it will fill quickly.

Included in the price are 2 nights in superb accommodations, 2 full dinners, 2 full brunches, and 2 light breakfasts and all the teachings.

There will be anywhere from 12-20 people depending on how we arrange ourselves in the rooms. I totally understand if people need to have a private room. There is a higher price.

Double room with a private bath, sleeps 2 / $630 per person

Private Queen Room with Private bath, can sleep 2 $750 per person   – These rooms are sold out

Private King Room, can sleep 2 $800

Partial refunds (excluding the service charges) will be available up to 30 days prior to the workshop.

Just over an hour from Washington, DC, there is a beautiful venue Om Casa Potomac situated on the Potomac River where nature is always revealing her amazing glory, and the venue offers top accommodations.  The last couple of years we have gathered at Ghost Ranch in NM.  This is totally different.  First, we will remain on the East Coast.  For those of you from the Western states, I will welcome you with open arms.  But for an east coast person it was a find to visit Om Casa Potomac which is just a car ride away and total luxury compared to Ghost Ranch.

The serene setting allows for the kind of rejuvenation and healing that is so possible when practicing Qigong.  Please join us at this amazing Qigong retreat, relax, stay in stillness, practice Qigong, rejuvenate, meditate, walk on the land, observe nature change, enjoy the companionship of your community, and enjoy the excellent vegetarian food and accommodations.  Please visit the website at for information about the place. 

I decided on the title when talking about the next step in training with a student.  It has become clearer over time that expansive healing moments occur within the spaces between silence and action.  And when we, individually find ourselves in that space we have the capacity for healing and creativity.   So whether we achieve it through the exercises and/or journey we take, my plan is to ensure that it is a holding space for healing and transformation at all the levels of the body/mind/spirit. 

I rely on the Tao de Ching for inspiration sometimes, so I offer you one of the verses that has been sticking with me lately:

Chapter 33
Knowing others is wisdom
Knowing the self is intelligence
Mastering others requires force
Mastering the self needs strength
He who knows he has enough is rich
Perseverance is a sign of will power
He who stays, is he who endures
To die but not to perish is to be eternally present

By the end of the weekend I hope that we are at least all more present.

When you register, I will be sending you handouts and schedules as there are any adjustments.  The registration will be from 3-5 pm on Friday.  Please come during that time to take the opportunity to explore the property and visit the river and trails.  We’ll have dinner and then have our first lesson of a meditation and Qigong beginning our journey from stillness to movement. 

There will be an optional meditation early the next day then a light breakfast of fruit and tea or coffee.  Then a morning session followed by brunch.

There are options for the afternoon of activities on the river such as canoeing and tubing for which there would be additional charges.  We could arrange a cooking class, or have a message therapist come in.   Any number of activities are possible.  I will arrange to do a tea ceremony mid-afternoon where I will take questions about how the Qi flows doing Qigong.  So hold those questions that you have been wondering about. 

The evening session will be Qigong with a shamanic bend.  My plan is to call in the directions and the elements and then to move from the pure place of the unity of the elements into the places that the elements come together within ourselves.  And from there to experience the movements very slowly as if in dance for nourishing each of the elements.

Sunday morning will be similar to the morning before with meditation a light breakfast and then a full qigong teaching.   We pick up all the loose ends after lunch and come together in understanding a little more about ourselves.

I hope you can join us.

Special Events

A special event to study with my friend, colleague and teacher,  Tony D’Angelo, Doctor of Medical Qigong from Chicago, of the Tranquil Cloud Temple in New Lenox, IL.

If you have taken my classes in the last year or two, you have heard me talk about studying with Tony D’Angelo.  He is a talented practitioner of the Martial Arts, a Daoist Priest and a center of creativity. He will be teaching a class on Breath Integration of Movement in Qigong on January 31st, 2020, 7-9PM & February 1st 9AM -5PM.  The venue we will be using is at Friends Meeting House in DC at 2111 Florida Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. Please consider coming for the transformation.

To register go to this link:

Sunday Habit

Several people have remarked to me that they would like a more intense opportunity to practice and learn Qigong on a regular basis without leaving town.  So I am proposing a ‘Sunday Habit’. Once a month  there will be a class that is a 2 1/2 hour class on Qigong.  This is the opportunity to take your practice to another level.  Sometimes the focus will be more on the visualization or meditative side of Qigong, and other times it will focus on making movements more powerful and filled with Qi.

The upcoming session will be February 23rd at 10 AM- 12:30.  I will be bringing the amazing gemstones from the Tucson Gem Show to sell after the event.

The location will be at 2000 P St., NW, suite 620.  Preregistration is required by contacting Eve Soldinger at