6-Directional Breathing Exercise

One of the recommendations that Physicians are making about having Covid 19 is doing deep breathing into the lower aspect of the lungs and then coughing.  In Medical Qigong we emphasize what we call Lower Dantian Breathing.  It is essential to the exercises to have full breathes that allow the Qi to circulate.  In this short 20 minute meditation, I invite you to allow your body to relax and to be able to use your breath to utilize Qi in your energy system.

20-Minute Session for $20

Qigong Online

COVID 19 has had a huge impact on us all!  I am no longer able to teach in person and am offering Qigong classes 5 days a week on line using zoom. Each class varies, but so far I have taught on strengthening the lungs immune system, purging, and specific Qigong for anxiety. There are so many topics to choose from but what I can say is that I will design the lessons to fit our situation. And because they are on zoom, you are welcome to join me from wherever you live.

Here is the current schedule:

Monday at 12  Taoist Meditation Eastern Time Zone.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 5 PM Eastern Time Zone.

Thursday at 7:30 AM: Meditation on Inner Light

Thursday at 11 AM Eastern Time: Flow of the Elements

Friday at 8:30 AM Eastern Time:  Heart Meditation

Friday at 9 AM Eastern Time: Slow and Easy Qigong

If you are no longer able to afford this, then you can still attend class and I welcome you.

Single Session for $20

4 Sessions for $60

Registration is required to attend classes.  Please contact me at evesoldinger@gmail.com.