Acu-Essential Oils

The use of plants for medicine and healing is cross-cultural and constant through time. Authentic medicinal quality essential oils are vibrational in nature and have their own qi qualities to offer. Because of this, essential oils enhance acupuncture treatments. They are useful for moving qi, nourishing the organs, balancing hormones, shifting moods and emotions, and creating higher states of consciousness.

Acu-essential oils can also be used on the skin for problems such as radiation burns or as lineaments for muscle strains, but mostly they are used for their smell. They act medicinally by stimulating the olfactory nerves, reaching the limbic part of the brain. From there it travels to the hypothalamus and endocrine system and thereby stimulates neurohormonal responses. If the scent is nourishing and supportive for the patient they will feel a shift almost as soon as the bottle is open.

When appropriate, Eve will mix a blend of oils for you according to your constitution and specific symptoms, to use in between treatments. She may recommend general application, or an application on specific acupuncture points.