About Healing

Healing releases anything that keeps you from the present moment.

What is a symptom really? People have come to me for healing for close to thirty years. What I thought I understood from the beginning that I was there as a trained professional ready to give treatment. If they could tell me where it hurt, I could use my learned skills to diagnose and treat. I no longer believe this. When a person comes in with a symptom whether it is a sprained ankle, a digestive disorder, or deep depression, it is not only a symptom. The symptom identifies that something of great significance, is out of balance energetically, and that it is a moment when what is being asked for is to find some original healthy alignment whether you choose to use bodywork, energy work, acupuncture, or psychotherapy.

As I look at the person with the symptom, it is clear is that we are body, we are mind, and we are spirit. Each affects the other. Without any one of these working together we can not become the whole person we came here to be. I intentionally use the word ‘whole’. For in becoming whole we are becoming more of who we are meant to be and able to be in the world in a fuller and healthier way.

As in Allopathic Medicine, in energy medicine we also look for patterns of disease, but the question remains the same: Where did this pattern originate? What caused this person to be out of balance? You might add: Is this the family pattern? Was there trauma? What is unique about this person? What have they been born into this lifetime to heal? What is the gift that they bring to this world that healing this imbalance or wound offers? How do they achieve their highest consciousness? How does this pattern show up in their work, in their relationships? Are they aware of their own beauty, value, strength, preciousness?

If there is a call to balance coming from any symptom, then healing occurs when the return of balance occurs. The symptom will release and it will stimulate the connection to something previously blocked in the body/mind/spirit. And the person will have access to their essence, authentic self, and life-giving self.