Secrets of Immortality with Qigong

It really is spring.  Now we are rounding the bend with the passing of the Spring Equinox with the rare but welcomed balance between light and dark.  It was totally windy yesterday on the exact day, but that seemed to let you know with the wind all things move.   This morning I transitioned into the longer walk from 2 miles to 3 miles in the morning.  I saw a fox managing to flee across East West Highway without being hit.  That was amazing.

 We all see and experience the Spring with all the changing vibrations of growth.  The buds are appearing everywhere.  We are well into the yang time of year where everything grows dramatically.  Foxes can be seen in morning traffic.  In our own lives we are aware of where we will step to grow and engage during this next phase of life.

Always pursuing my growing edge in Qigong, last week I watched several presentations at the Qigong Summit sponsored by the Shirt Network.  They were all great.  I thought I would share one story told by Ken Cohen, an amazing historian and Qigong teacher.  He was studying with a 94-year-old man in India and following him up a mountain. He was astonished that it was hard to keep up with him.   And he felt that this man must hold the secret to immortality. He asked him if he did, and he answered yes. He asked him for the information and then they sat down to have a cup of tea.

The man told him that there were four things to living a good life and having a healthy life. The first was simplicity.  The second was acceptance about life’s changes, the third adaptability, and last embracing the wisdom of childhood.  If you experience life with where you live in simplicity you do avoid the habits that keep you always wanting something next.  Some of us find ourselves within this pattern.  Keep it simple

Life is challenging and presents obstacles and challenging situations.  Being able to live in acceptance of what comes instead of resisting it is important to finding inner peace.  And then being able to adapt to the coming changes is a sign of true emotional development.   We all get caught in certain kinds of events and find it difficult to find our way back to ourselves and to our hearts.

And having the possibility of being in the wisdom of childhood gives you the opportunity to be in total awe in every moment.  Life can be endlessly exciting if you notice it for the first time.  Take joy in everything that happens and be in your childhood wisdom.