Breath of the Fall

The leaves are now yellow, red and orange.  We find them as a blanket on the ground whether in the woods or on the sidewalks.  We are in the midst of the letting go so characteristic of the Metal Element and the Autumn.   We can let go of things of the past, or wounds we carry from our own past.  We always remember, but we don’t have to make the past the present.   When we accomplish this, there is a freedom and accompanying receiving.  

And as it is every year, I find that I go to bed earlier and I sleep later, eat more and am happy with the quieter times.  But in this particular year when most of us are still in the quietest time of our lives, what can we expect?    Can we do as we always do and gather and cultivate our Qi?  Can we be sure not to scatter our energies and work on our breathing to ensure the process of cultivation? Perhaps, just perhaps, because things are ‘different’ there will be the possibility of balancing and flowing as we journey this time toward the quiet coming this Winter.  

I would suggest that if we work on breathing though the lungs that we will build our immune systems, detox and establish a realization of the work of the network inside that allows for a splendid kind of calm and stillness.  I promise to focus on this tomorrow during Monday’s meditation at noon.  We will breathe into the organs to find calm and stillness within.  The calm allows for the building up of inner strength and is in keeping with this Autumn/Metal time.  To quote one of the great Chinese Medicine scholars, Elizabeth Rochat, “ Breaths are the yang of life, the dynamism, vitality, and movement of life, and spirits preserve the good direction of life in you.  You have to protect he vitality in yourself, and the most important aspects of it are the Spirits and the Breaths.” 

Let us live in appreciation of the movement of life through our breath this week!  How amazing it all is to be alive.