Finding Meaning

Ring the Bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering 

There is a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in.

Leonard Cohen

When we discuss the value of our lives I think first of these words by Leonard Cohen from Anthem.  Forget your perfect offering – it’s how the light get in.  In this fall season and the Metal element there is the conversation about what is of value in us.   

Metal can be about bringing a sense of closure for people because when we truly let go of all the long-held memories and beliefs, then we make room for other possibilities.  Tonight, is Yom Kippur and tomorrow in prayer we will mention a long list of all the ‘sins’ or actions that one shouldn’t take and repeatedly ask for forgiveness.  Through that letting go the possibilities are there for living a life that is closer to a sacred way.  The hope is that by the end of tomorrow after prayer and fasting we will face the meaning and value of living another year.  

As with all sitting or prayer there is stillness as we move through the Metal element.  Also, with the breath we connect to all that is and nature as a source. The breath takes us to deep spaces within and often connects us with all realms of heaven and earth.  Sometimes the search for meaning a person focuses on regret or that thing that she/he thinks is wrong about them.  The work is realizing that things are fluid and that transformation comes with each breath and the breath transforms everything.

The emotions that need to flow smoothly for a person through Metal is grief or longing.  Often Longing starts from grief.  We are looking to empty and to refill again.  Can you remember longing?   Longing has some desire in it but it’s bigger than that.  Longing also relates to that which touches us deeply, the divine.  To find the Holy Grail is to know God and have truth but it is also a longing in our everyday life. Longing is a soul leveled desire.  Some people long for children and others don’t. It’s not only psychological, it is the soul knowing that which they must have to fulfill their lives purpose.  Again, to give their lives meaning. 

I invite you to practice breathing in and out of the belly for 5 or 10 minutes in the next few days with no expectations but just to see if you can find the means of your own reset.  Experience your lungs at the same time.  See what you might discover about yourself.  


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