Staying at Home Produces Earth Relief

With all the craziness that this pandemic I was wondering if the Earth felt some relief from our slowing down of our movements and get togethers.  It might be bigger than a donation.   I am pleased to share a number of countries and organizations are looking at this and the greenhouse emissions are down, the troublesome trash at the beaches are decreased, but recycling is down.    Some researchers are already concerned that we are rapidly going back to our old ways as businesses return and our care and attention to these issues disappear.   And it does show that we can make positive changes for us all.  For me, it’s encouraging.  Sometimes I think that we have made a huge mess for the next generations.   I want something to halt the direction that we are going. 

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The Earth Element and transitions

I started to write about the Earth Element at the first of July.  Here we are a month later and we remain in the midst of it.  The humidity is thick, and it doubles the heat.  I even feel it while I am writing at the computer. This morning, while walking the dog I felt like a wet noodle. The jeans that I jump into early in the morning stuck to me as if they were wet.  And while it is uncomfortable it is all about the Earth element.

What we get from the Earth is about being grounded, centered, nourished and supported.  Once we find our rootedness, how do move from it and transition into the next phase.  Sometimes it almost feels like it requires giving up that rootedness, but it isn’t about that.  It’s about accepting the flow.

Usually at this time of year we would begin the new year in college, school, or work projects.   It is the time of transitions in general.  But this year, in particular, our transition might be the question of can we create a new life during the pandemic.  What calls you next?  Is it service? Is it art?  Is it Qigong?  Is it meditation? Can you vision into the future of what is next for you?  As we go from Earth to Metal (the Fall) we ask the question, ‘what is of value’.  The Metal is about being precise, inspired and clear and recognizing the meaning in life.  And within all those questions recognizing your self-worth.  That is the landscape of the Fall. In the midst of it all there are constant transitions.  Wherever there isn’t flow there is some kind of stagnant energy that needs to move.  

For myself, I move forward as I determine the value for me of what’s next.  I’m back working at the office.  I’m not seeing people 5 days a week as I was 6 months ago.  I see people 2 days a week.  Is it the same?  No.   With the new protocols I talk with the person the day before in place of what I used to do in the office.  I need to listen and see in a deeper way without them being in the room.  And I get to recognize the elements and the transitions from one to the other.  The great thing about the elements is that there are all these transitions as we flow from one to the other in the creation and ending of each cycle.  It is always there.  With the lengthened focus on people I consider many strategies.  It reminds me of the time decades ago when I was a student and I would sit with how to help a person for a week, sometimes writing a 10-page paper on how to support the elemental flow. I’m sure that I might be embarrassed by the far-flung ideas from those days.  However, it was a time of carefully considering as many options as possible.   And it is a recognition of how the transitions we make can remain centered even in these times.  I am reminded that there are always a million ways to do things.

Enjoy the last weeks of the Earth energy. Nourish yourself and feel the way toward adjusting to the transitions in front of you.