Enjoying the last of winter

March 6, 2019

I just heard the weather prediction and it will be 24 degrees when I leave the house tomorrow. I keep thinking that in Chinese Medicine we are a month into spring.  I enjoy looking for the new buds on the trees still empty of leaves.  But even here we are way behind the norm this year. 

The one thing that I am noticing is that this cold allows me a little longer moment to revel in the stillness that is so palpable in the wintertime.  As I practice the beginning standing pose in Qigong, I am sure that a half hour has passed and most certainly I open my eyes to find that indeed a half hour has passed.  I notice that within the stillness I always begin at some point to have realizations.  Some people refer to it as accessing their wisdom.  I try to relate to it as consciousness before the movement. I stand not just to stand but also to be in the place before movement marked by stillness.   I recommend it in the next few days.  (But not on the metro platform, keep moving there.)

There is a way the body/mind/spirit aligns itself with what is happening outdoors.  I still feel like I must hibernate getting much more sleep than is normal.  There is continually a cup of tea warming my hands.  We must be able to observe where we are in the seasons and act appropriately. So rather than long for the Spring, try to savor these last moments of the Winter and use them well, finding what is possible in the depth of you.