Winter Solstice

As the days were becoming shorter this year, I started to buy books every other day.  Probably, I went a little overboard, since I’d need much more time in the day to read all of them.  But it is the action that shows my energetic need to match those long nights and slow down, and hunker down under the covers with a good read.  I’ve come to appreciate and enjoy the deliciousness of winter in so many ways that allows me to see the bare bones of life and to just breathe.

People who don’t know me very well comment about how calm I am.  It’s not true.  I am not a calm person.  Big and little things can upset me.  I started to meditate in my early twenties because I knew that I needed to learn how to counter this ‘upset’ tendency. But in the depth of Winter I slow down enough to believe that it will all be okay without needing to do something about everything.  So I get the books and I ‘schedule’ days that I don’t have to do much and can just relax and read, and even decide to stay in PJs all day with a cup of tea and music playing.  The winter doesn’t cause this but going with the downward plunge of the winter does.

In Chinese Medicine the winter is associated with the Water element.  You can feel the winter here even before all the leaves leave the trees. The air is nippy with as the cold encompasses everything. In response to this, we go inward to the depth of our being. And in this process of going deep, if we have fear or anxiety, we come to a spacious place where we discover our intuition and wisdom.  This deep dive is the Water element. It’s the slowing down that transfers the questions from our head to those hidden places inside that carry the certainty of your path, even if it is a path that you might not automatically think of. 

I invite you to make your deep dive – And if the deep dive requires a meditation, then do that. If it is Qigong that you long for, then do a very quiet style of Qigong and enjoy the connections to the earth and heaven. But it might also consider slowing down and doing as little as possible, or maybe reading that very special book in bed.

Enjoy the remaining long winter night and don’t forget to slow down.