The Winter’s Aha Moments

I love the long nights of winter. I assumed that it was a response to the promise of longer days coming soon after. And who wouldn’t love those long days when you awaken to the light? I even enjoy the very long days in Alaska in the summer.


In the last several weeks, through the Winter Solstice and the holidays, I experienced this time differently. I savored awakening while the darkness surrounded me. I didn’t jump out of bed to embrace the day, as would be my normal. Instead, I turned over to embrace the same spot where I was in the dream revealing itself. Would I land in a bed of leaves as I stumbled down that cliff? Would I remember the sweet fragrance of spices in a friend’s kitchen? And all it took was turning over and embracing the dark of the cold winter’s night.


The metaphor of going deep in the abyss isn’t a dream I remember during the summer. Somehow in this winter moment, the Water element supports us taking a deep dive into hidden territory. It is a natural cycle of winter that supports movement into these parts of our consciousness.   In the past I thought that the darkness meant joyless or fearsome, but now I see that it holds the key to some of our understanding.


Chinese Medicine honors this part of your receiving depth that comes with this season. Here are a few suggestions for this time. Take it easy. Go slower. Savor your stillness as you follow your breath. Try doing Qigong very slowly. And if you can, turn over and continue with that dream. It might lead you to a new discovery.


Happy New Year