A Perfect Day

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I find that when I go to a seminar in an idyllic country setting during the summer, I hope and expect that it will be accompanied by weather that allows an array of hiking, kayaking and other outdoor delights. However, being at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck this week has been an opportunity to appreciate the days with clouds and rain. On a positive note, I am less distracted and able to absorb the information that Master Robert Peng presented.

Today though on the third day of class, I managed to come without putting on every piece of clothing that I brought with me. Someone didn’t give me the memo to prepare for 60-degree rainy weather. In this  age when we are all so computer attached, I am embarrassed that my expectations didn’t include poor weather.

But today was different. The sun managed to slip through this constant rain. And Master Peng took all 80 of us outside where we spent over 2 hours doing Qigong on the grass taking in the plants, trees, mosquitoes, butterflies, sun, sky, and the soft earth beneath our feet. It is one thing to imagine the earth and heaven within it but it is a different reality to feel them all around you. It becomes the most invigorating thing that you can give to energize and cleanse the body and soul doing this work in such an idyllic setting. Just being outside and breathing puts the cycle of healing in motion.

And while this particular class with Master Peng is an introduction to his teachings, the emphasis this glorious day was on how to work on nourishing all aspects of the person, whether it is the mind, the emotions or vitality.  As I looked in the vibrant eyes of everyone in the class I found that we were open and genuinely more interested in each other than the day before. Clearing the energy fields through Qigong was totally amazing.

I feel a great sense of appreciation for nature and for the people I’ve met. This makes it a great day.

Be sure to enjoy these last days of summer indoor and outside.




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