The beginning of Spring

According to the Chinese calendar, February 7th is always the marking date for Spring.  And while we haven’t had a snow day, or even a cold week, it is still that time when the days are getting longer and the typical changes start to occur.

I noticed in the office yesterday how the sun was coming directly into the treatment warming it up in a way beyond what a heating unit can.  And while it is unseasonably warm right now, it is going to begin the process of new growth in nature.  We will begin to notice the new leaves, and the birds making nests and the longer days.

Are we ready?  In the turmoil of the changes in society, have you taken care during the winter time making sure that you could rest and renew your energy for the coming year?  This is what the energy of winter provides, an opportunity for calm and restoring oneself.   I have noticed in the past two weeks that people have come in with an array of complaints that seem to indicate that they haven’t had the rest of the winter.

So I invite you in this first day of spring to think about this and maybe while starting to match the energy of the coming spring to at least take a little time to rest.  Go to bed a little earlier.  Sleep a little longer.  Stay cozy at home with a warm tea and read.  Allow yourself to be renewed by taking very good care of yourself as we set ourselves up for the new growth coming in spring.