An Attitude of Gratitude

January 1, 2016

I’m not a big advocate of New Years Resolutions. I think that the main reason is that all the things that we might want to change face us as issues every day. So why would one year’s resolution be different from the next?

But as I reflect on the past year, I’m thinking about some of the things that make it unique, and I’m satisfied. I published my book about my father’s journey during his time period with dementia. Hopefully, I contributed to the idea of growth in every moment of life, which I believe in whole-heartedly. And while, I don’t have time to do any advertising I trust that somehow it will make it into the right hands.

I took the time to visit Denali National Park in Alaska. I love Alaska. I love the land and the people.   I feel like I can take a bigger breath there. And I feel the land is alive, even if it is suffering all the effects of Global Warming.

This year, I visited China for the first time though I’ve been studying Chinese medicine for 33 years. It was a life-changing visit for me, where I found a part of me that had been blocked forever. So now when I do my Qigong or I teach Qigong things are different. I’m starting each movement from a different place in myself. The place is more peaceful and still and I’m able to move from this place of stillness. That in it is more than I imagined that I would get from my trip.

Gratitude. There are so many blessings that light up my life that I might not have recognized a year ago. I’m happy to arrive at a new easier ride when I unfortunately have often experienced life as a roller coast while craving a steadier reality. But I have work I love, a spiritual practice that I manage to keep up, friends who I trust, and a lovely home. Whatever my fears I’m not going to let them rule me these days. I’m trusting that this ship that we sail we remain afloat and we will have the opportunity to express our deepest selves.

Happy New Year,





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