Humidity, Humidity, Humidity

Humidity, Humidity, Humidity

It’s that time of year when we skip the weather report and we go right away to a humidity report. Here are some of the things that I often hear:

• It would be just fine out, except for the humidity!
• I just can’t move this time of year when it’s so damp.
• I feel so heavy like I’m slogging along the water.

There is a richness that accompanies this “humidity”. The water from the rain evaporates and then penetrates the earth moistening the plants allowing the life to come forward. I feel gratitude for having the sustenance that the earth provides. When you go to the fruit stand and see the bounty of fruits and vegetables it is a delight. This earth time of year of late summer is all about the earth’s fertility and fruitfulness and our own.

It’s a moment that I often find myself reflecting on whether I have produced what I intended this year? Is there something more that I could be giving? Am I nourishing myself enough? Am I receiving nurturance from the people around me?

When we speak of earth it is often about giving form to the bones. For instance in our bodies we might begin by looking at the structure through how the bones fit together but it is only through the muscles on the bones that there is movement in our lives. There is a substance to our life that is associated with this late summer Earth element. So that sluggishness from that extra dampness in our bodies allows us to have more substance.

When working with clay we can form the dirt and mud into something that will has form and usefulness. Everything of the earth has its usefulness for sustaining life and needs to be honored.

So yes, honor the earth and celebrate the humidity. It offers us so much.


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