Summer is Coming

Summer is coming!

According to the Chinese calendar summer began May 4, just 2 weeks ago. I can always feel that shift, when I’m walking with only a light jacket and am aware of the wetness from the frequent showers. We are in a transition time.

This is a moment of spring fullness, just before summer when you notice that the azaleas are out, dotting the yards with pinks and purples and whites. They are intoxicating in the way color now dominates the yards. The irises are almost ready to burst forth. The blooming of the flowers shows us that the summer is a breath away. The sun will come out, the azaleas will fall, and we will take off our jackets and feel the upcoming heat.

To prepare I have a few recommendations:

• Start eating less. The variety of veggies and fruits make it easy. Start enjoying the greens of kale, swiss chard, and arugula.
• Get more exercise. Walk or jog those five miles a day that you know that you really want to add to your day, but don’t forget to keep doing your tai chi or Qigong to help you keep the qi moving.
• Open your heart. Yes, that’s right. The fire element of the summer is all about the heart. Start planning the many ways to spend more time with your sweetheart, friends, and family.

Enjoy the Summer.

There will be more on the Fire element and the movement of the heart next week.


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