Baby, It’s Not Cold Outside (Yet)

January 3, 2016

I don’t always look forward to winter. I like being outside and feeling the warm air around me and watching the sun make patterns on the trees and leaves. Today like much of the last 2 months, it was unseasonably warm. I was able to walk 3 miles outside when I had thought about going to museum, thinking it might be a little cold. We have had more days like this than any cold ones this year.

If we align ourselves with the movement in nature, the question is what should we do during these strange seasons that don’t follow the usual patterns. Usually, in these darker days, we bundle up, make soups and get quiet. Just as nature needs time for rest, so do we. But it is a challenge to settle when these days invite some amazing time outside.

Somewhere inside us, while I honor the truth of the moment, I also know that while the cold is challenging, I require some of the quieter days and nights. So I recommend that everyone follows the pattern of the day and observe the light. Try to sleep longer hours now. See how your dreams change when you give yourself more time to experience them. Or, as an alternative meditate more. If you love Qigong, try doing the standing pose, or wuji for longer periods. By creating an inner calm, yin place we do experience the gifts of the season. Those gifts let’s us explore the quiet and calm within to tap into the pure potential of the future.

I am now hoping for some really cold days.
Happy winter
In light and love,