On the Nature of Forgiveness

I attended a wonderful workshop with Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson this past weekend on Medical Qigong Treatment. And in the course of the 3 days, he gave a short talk on forgiveness. I was once again reminded of the power of forgiveness in healing. As many times as each of us travels this path of healing through forgiveness it is always central toward becoming healthy and whole. Dr. Johnson received these teachings from a Lama on his journey. I share it because it rings so true.

Five levels of forgiveness:

First, you have to forgive yourself. If you carry the victimhood within you, you set up this pattern. The person who hurt you may be dead and buried. The immune system keeps you alive and healthy. You can free energy to invest into your own health. Living with anger and rage and you are imprinting it on your immune system. Forgive yourself for not knowing.
Forgive the situation. Realize that it isn’t personal. Use it as fuse to enhance your life rather than to diminish it.
Forgive the offender or perpetrator. There needs to be a reason to forgive the person. Need to heal at the level of a spiritual person.

If you are blaming God, you need to forgive God. If you are saying, God, how did you let this happen to me? Then you are imprinting this on yourself and your immune system. And the problem with this is that we don’t take responsibility if its God’s fault.

The last step is having an appreciation for the experience. It is about the lesson that you learned. This is a key to great joy and unconditional love. Its what you do with the experience that determines how you create your story.