Finding Qigong

Twice in this past week, I answered the question of how I got hooked with Qigong and why did I decide to be a Qigong therapist. I always start out saying that nothing was missing in my work as an energy worker and acupuncturist. At least, nothing was missing that I understood to be missing.

I had studied with numerous healers in many traditions and my conclusion was that when you have spirit guide the work and come at it with skill, then the energy in the person wants to come into homeostasis. Modality doesn’t seem to matter as much as personal energetic alignment. Qigong became part of my alignment.

In 2007 my dear brother was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and the doctors anticipated a short time, 6 – 12 months, was left. They offered palliative chemotherapy and he said yes. My general rule is that I don’t treat family members. This is a very good rule and I wanted to support him and I didn’t think he would pursue supportive therapies if I didn’t offer. So in this situation I broke my rule. I invented a whole new style of acupuncture and energy work sometimes treating him 3 times a day taking advantage of trips to Florida to work with him.

In the summer of 2007, I attended a class with Jerry Alan Johnson at the Academy of Five Element Acupuncture on using minerals and gems in Qigong treatments. I bought some crystals and tried this Qigong Treatment on my brother. He was very funny, smart, attentive, creative and a fabulous older brother. And he wasn’t particularly spiritual nor was he concerned about diet, exercise and other ways of staying healthy. My approach was to make an offering and hoped that he would suspend judgment long enough to be helpful.

To my surprise he loved it. He felt calm, expanded, and energized. While he resisted acupuncture, he wanted more of these Qigong treatments a day. He would go to a deeper place in himself and I think that he healed in these moments. His condition improved, surprising the doctors at the MD Anderson Clinic because his tumors were actually shrinking. I’m sure that the work that we were doing helped the effectiveness of the chemo, but I also think that he became healthier within himself.

I became curious about Qigong. How could Qigong work so well? Why was it better for him than Acupuncture? It was based on all the ways energy moves that I learned as an acupuncturist but I was learning a whole new way of doing things. A few years later I enrolled in a program to be a Qigong Practitioner. And I remain fascinated. My brother’s journey helped me to continue on my own. I’m very grateful.