Sometimes the teacher inspires the student and then the student inspires the teacher. Thank you Andrea for sharing your artwork.

From the artist, Andrea Riesenfeld:

Inspired by the Taoist Five Yin pose for the lungs…breathe in white and breathe out everything not white. The color of white in this form of Qigong is not yet quite clear to me, so the white in this image ranges from pure white on the RGB scale to a kind of pearlescent blue/green white from the iPhone photo behind the kimono.

This image is a gift from so many people: Eve Soldinger, my qigong teacher and all the teachers who came before, Rick & Maria who created Zentangle, the Textile museum in Washington, DC, the folks at Apple and the app developers who expand the possibilities, all the women who have embraced the kimono as an enduring form of clothing and artistic expression.



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