On New Years Resolutions

Every year, people take the opportunity of the New Years to put unwarranted pressure to loose those extra pounds, to try harder at their work, try harder to become more than what they are. Sometimes people make very long lists. Sometimes I’ve even made very long lists of all the things where I could improve. Usually lists fail consistently when it comes to making changes in the way one approaches this life.

Yesterday morning I awoke thinking about the New Years and how I hadn’t put together a list. And I wondered what would be on it if I had put one together. Immediately I thought that only one thing really deserved to be on this list: take joy in everything. So I guess that means that I will celebrate that I only gained 4 pounds over the holidays and not 6. And that while we might be having a very rainy winter this year, (and I like rainy weather least) I will celebrate that we have had some sunny days as well. And while things can always be better, there are blessings in each day.

It’s very easy to go from ones perceived flaws and make a resolution list; but what if we make the list by enjoying what really is. For decades I have pursued this idea of staying in the present moment. I meditate, I pray, and I practice Qigong as my tools. Perhaps the absence of the list is the indicator that I’m making headway. I will enjoy and experience joy for the experience of everything that happens this year, and while it certainly won’t be all good, it will be part of the celebration of life.

May you experience the blessings of being alive in the coming year.


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