Today as a New Beginning

As the earth makes its journey around the sun, we mark the obvious changes from season to season according to the length of the days and the amount of light. Today is one of these days – the Winter Solstice. This is our shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Also this year it is a new moon. The new moon coinciding with the Winter Solstice occurs once every 19 years.

The new moon when we look at the night sky marks the monthly place that we begin to move from the dark to the light. So here we are in the double whammy this year between the shortest day and the darkest night of the month, as a moment to pause, rest, reflect and move toward something more. I slept late luxuriating in the energy of this day and then I awoke knowing what the most important thing might be.

Last night at a lovely holiday party I was speaking with someone who works as a chef and I was asking him about what he likes to cook. While he couldn’t really answer this question because he didn’t have a favorite recipe or cuisine, he did say something really important. He said:” I make sure that in doing the work that comes from my heart and love so that the food is filled with that as well.” I could feel it when he said it. He has found a way to share his heart in the world.

I also am blessed that every day I go to work that I love and love the people who trust me enough to let me into their world. I jump out of bed maybe not anxious to get on the metro, but happy to arrive to the office. I get to be in my heart all day long. And this does seem to be the best way of savoring the light within as well as seeing the light within another person.

So on this moment of moving forward in the year and the month toward a time of more light the usual question might be what new things are you looking forward to in this year? And that would be a good and valid question, but my little addition to this would be what new things do you want to do that you would do with all your heart and with love? What would you love to give birth to in your life? This is the moment to decide. Your heart knows the way.

Writing about this I am reminded of one of my favorite poems which says it all. So I leave you with this as a holiday offering. Happy Holidays, Eve Soldinger

I Ask for Silence
by Pablo Neruda

Now they leave me in peace.
Now they grow used to my absence.

I am going to close my eyes.

I wish for five things only,
five chosen touchstones.

One is perpetual love.

The second is to see the autumn.
I cannot exist without leaves
flying and falling to earth.

The third is the solemn winter,
the rain I loved, the caress
of fire in the rough cold.

Fourthly, the summer,
plump as a watermelon.

And fifth, your eyes.
Matilda, my dear love,
I will not sleep without your eyes.
I will not exist but in your gaze.
I adjust the spring
for you to follow me with your eyes.

That, friends, is the sum of my wanting.
Next to nothing, close to everything.

Now they may go is they wish.

I have lived so much that someday
they will have to forget me forcibly,
rubbing me off the blackboard.
My heart was inexhaustible.

But because I ask for silence,
never think I am going to die.
The opposite is true.
It happens I am going to live—

to be, and to go on being.

I will not be, however, if, inside me,
the crop does not keep sprouting,
the shoots first, breaking through the earth
to reach the light;
but the mothering earth is dark,
and, deep inside me, I am dark.
I am a well in the water of which
the night leaves stars behind
and goes on alone across fields.

It’s a question of having lived so much
that I wish to live that much more.

I never felt my voice so clear,
never have been so rich in kisses.

Now, as always, it is early.
The shifting light is a swarm of bees.

Let me alone with the day.
I ask leave to be born.


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