Olfactory Receptors

There was an article in the NYT this week describing the research showing about olfactory receptors. The sense of smell and how it effects health and healing turns out to be as complicated as the ancients understood when they used essential oils for all kinds of healing treatments. Now scientists find that olfactory receptors are found in the skin, as well as the liver, heart, kidneys. colon and brain. And that using certain oils can repair skin. For example, in one experiment scientists used sandolore (a synthetic sandalwood) on the skin which helped the skin tissue heal. For more information from this NYT article click here.

While these scientists might find all of this unexpected, for the past 12 years, I’ve been astonished at the changes possible in a person’s state of being from using essential oils. The energetic response to an oil is very specific. Some oils are uplifting while others might cause a person to fall deep inside. In some healing sessions I’ll suddenly perceive a person in terms of an oil. Just putting a drop of oil on the skin is enough to shift the energy flow. If there is an accurate resonance it is similar to using an acupuncture needle and creating a new balance for the body/mind/spirit.

You can do your own private research by buying a few oils and seeing if you can feel the shift in your body. This area of health and well-being for most of us in this modern culture remains an largely untapped resource.