Those Ah-Ha moments with Medical Qigong

I do my best to spend an hour doing Medical Qigong daily. For some people its yoga, other people jogging, some dance, but for me I find that Qigong has the potential to help to release all my contracted energy. Sometimes I realize that something emotional, or physical or even spiritual releases. It helps me feel clearer and more available. That would be enough of a reason to commit to this practice.

Recently, I increasingly go through extended periods of time during my Qigong routine where I am more aware of not just the flow from my body but a building energy of Qi within my body. In some ways it feels very much akin to meditating for an entire day. I am calm, rooted, and in touch with an inner strength that I am building. This is another benefit and with each year of Qigong practice I understand more clearly this idea of Qi cultivation is about. I am very thankful.


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