Gratitude for the Body

This morning I woke happy to start my day. I did a little aerobics and then went outside to practice Qigong. There are numerous styles of Qigong that I practice. Today I found myself doing the Daoist Five Yin, a style that I have in depth training in and one of my favorites.

It was the perfect day outside, with a mild temperature and a lovely breeze. I was doing exercises that are specific to what we call in Chinese Medicine the Yin Organs or the solid organs: lungs, liver, heart, kidneys, spleen. I started to think about each organ and how it functions to keep me going with every breath. In a normal day, I don’t acknowledge this or have any expression of gratitude for the daily reliance on all things continuing. But today, with no prior intentions I just felt how amazing it is that my liver helps me in so many way, and my lungs, and my kidneys. And I decided to do a standing pose while I reviewed how amazing this system of the body is and how grateful I am for each day.

And with this expression of appreciation, I felt lighter and joyous. As a culture, we continually are looking for all joy and happiness outside ourselves. But really some of the peak moments are when we can acknowledge the wonder of just being. I had that moment today through Qigong.

So whether you are a Qigong practitioner or not, I recommend that you take a few breaths to acknowledge yourself as a being in this world and begin to feel the wonder.


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