On the Fire Element

June 18, 2014 The Fire Element is the phase of the cycle of the Five Elements that is all about light. It’s about the summer, the time when the days are the longest and we can spend the most time outdoors in nature’s warmth. But it is also about the stars in the night sky and the hot molten core of the earth’s center.

And it’s about your own warmth and your own flame within. How would you describe your flame? Does joy bring that warmth higher? What things in your life do you find exciting? How do you notice your exuberance? Do you have enough laughter in your life? How could you change something in your life to have more joy? What would be its positive effect?

This is the time of year to focus on improving this aspect of your life. If you look inside and the answer is to spend more time with your family, by all means do it. This element is about spending time with others and having the capacity to share yourself. There is a joy is listening and sharing that is part of this exploration of warmth and light.

From a Chinese Medical perspective, it’s a time to get vigorous exercise. Take extra time to walk. If you have an outdoor sport, that is even better. Remember to hydrate well and wear good sun protection. Eat lighter fresh vegetables and fruits.

Mostly enjoy. Love, Laughter and Joy need to be your mantra the next couple of months.


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