Ode to Spring

I woke up this morning to snow falling outside my window. It has been a very long Winter with our first snow in November and hopefully our last snow fall of at least 5 inches outside my door today, falling just days before the Spring Equinox. In my work where I’m finding out the things causing dis-ease in a person, for the last few weeks we have had to talk about the weather. It is difficult when a season has more intensity in the heat or the cold, and that the time extends beyond our expectations.

One thing is pretty certain: spring will follow winter. And while we have had plenty of snow days and opportunities for peace and quiet, within the next few weeks the temperature will be rising and the forsythia, my favorite sign of spring, will be in full bloom. The buds will be on the trees, and the fresh green leaves will be bursting forth. It’s exciting and it requires that we match the movement in nature.

The season is all about new growth, new beginnings, and new projects. So the question is what will be your way of growing in this season? What direction do you want to go in? What are your dreams that excite and inspire you to move in a new direction? Will it be at work, in your relationship, in your spiritual life, in your creative project, with your children? It can be a very exciting moment to stand in realization of the place you are choosing to go. Feel it and go forward. Not blindly, but with all the depth that you have acquired in this very long, cold winter.

If you feel uninspired at the moment, wait a week and plan some walks to let nature inspire you in your next steps. Now is the time to move more in any case. Find an activity outside that you have been longing to do. Or decide you will commit to yourself by taking a qigong class or yoga class. Whatever, you decide remember that it is totally in keeping with what is happening in nature.

Have a delightful spring.


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