Finding the Magic: Qigong Treatment

I became infatuated with Medical Qigong after having been an acupuncturist for 20 years. I would hear enthusiasm from other practitioners who had caught the bug of Qigong Love and I would think how great for them to have found it. And I would slip through the invitation to explore this branch of Chinese Medicine.

This changed in 2003 at a meditation retreat in California. While most of the time was spent in meditation and talks, there were Qigong sessions daily during this weeklong retreat. I was so excited. I felt the Qi moving through my body and a sense of my energy field expanding. I had a sense of things clearing through my body. I bought the DVDs that the teacher was selling and I practiced daily. Then I pursued other teachers in the area, and took weekend retreats on Qigong. I was searching to find something that I had no idea what it was.

Then in 2006, I took a weekend class with Jerry Alan Johnson who was teaching how to use stones with medical qigong treatments. I knew nothing about medical qigong treatments but this sounded intriguing. So I took the class, and again I felt this delicious expansiveness from doing the work with others. For many years, I had been doing energy work where you discern the disturbance in the qi from the energy body and work on it for healing. This style taught that weekend, was different adding another dimension to the work I was already doing.

As I incorporated medical qigong treatments into my work, clients experienced deep healing spaces during the treatments. They would release their pain, their illness, and find themselves in a much healthier place. Often, there would be an opening in the heart allowing for a sense of expansiveness. I was sold completely.

Thus, when the opportunity presented itself I enrolled in a 3 year program Medical Qigong Program at the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Gainesville, FL.It took me 4 years, but I finished the program and received a Master’s at the International College of Medical Qigong. Having done this I am still amazed at the results for all kinds of illness, discomfort, pain, the creation of new healthier patterns and self-realization.

Qigong does not conjure up specific images yet, but it will someday. The image I hope is about being healthier and happier. After all, it was only a few decades ago that yoga studios were a new thing. Now there are yoga studios clusters all over the DC area. Some day I imagine that everyone will have experienced a Qigong treatment and will be practicing some style of Qigong at home. I imagine that more people, like me, will be in love with Qigong.

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