21 Years Ago

Some 21 years ago I read an article on Chinese Medicine that contained a sentence that rang true for me: “the most important thing for healing is the relationship between the practitioner, the spirits, and the patient”. Since then I have pondered this statement and its meaning. How do we know the Spirit in ourselves? How do we recognize this in another human being? Having been a student of Chinese Medicine since 1983, I am doubtless that the Spirit, whether we define it in terms of Chinese Medical terms such as Shen, Po, and Hun, or just as Spirit is always the main issue in healing.

I was fortunate in 1997 to begin studying with a Mayan Elder in Guatemala, going to sacred sites and discovering the transformational power of ceremony. It was in this setting outside the intellectual pursuits in the classroom that I found my own relationship to Nature, the Elements, and Spirit. I observed the connection and respect that this teacher had toward all things. In the first days we were together I noticed that he would make a small noise and butterflies would swarm around him. While some might consider this a trick, he wasn’t performing. In fact, I think it was a moment when he was off to himself, feeling unobserved. As with many indigenous holy people he carries a knowledge that can’t be taught but can be learned. And this knowledge is about Spirit.

Within Chinese Medicine, there is something called the Ling. Ling is represented by the radical for 2 female Shamans, above them is a radical with three open mouths, and above that 4 drops of rain. This making of rain requires an actively engaged relationship with nature, using prayer and song to enjoy the nature’s grace and generosity. This remains the practice of shamans throughout the world to sing their relationship with all that moves and grants life. The general Chinese Medical interpretation is that Ling is the Yin aspect of the Shen. But, there is an active, prayerful, mysterious, spiritual and deep relationship here. This aspect of Chinese Medicine is the part that transforms us as we transform our sacred relationship with all things.

In Harnessing the Ling, a series of 5 workshops for each of the elements, I hope to recreate the possibility for practitioners, and anyone interested, to have personal and spiritual openings so we can all live within the power of this medicine. There is an energetic for each element that we need to tap into not from a diagnostic level but from the place of being informed by the spirit of the element. We will be as the 2 shamans, creating sacred space, meditating, learning qigong, and journeying to the spirits of the elements to discover our inner landscape. We will learn to perceive and relate to the elements as something tangible and alive worthy of attention and respect. And we will find there is the possibility of developing as a sacred relationship. This will empower each participant on their individual journey, as well as the work.

As we awaken to this energy, there will be a practical component of how to incorporate the acquired knowledge into strategies of transformation in daily life and as practitioners in the treatment room.

The first workshop will be on the Water element. Water brings movement, flexibility, force, intensity, rest, unpredictability, renewal, and depth. We will know Water – the source of life.

This first workshop will be held January 21-22 at Gaia Healing Center, 8002 B Dolly Hyde Road, Mt. Airy, MD 21771. For driving directions be sure to go to their web site at www.gaiahealing.com. The typical mapquest does not work well. The stewards of the land request that we carpool if possible. Any information on participants close by will be made only with permission. It will start at 9 and will continue until 5:15 each day. There is the possibility of staying on the grounds in dorm rooms for an extra charge. We will be providing simple vegetarian lunches there, so if there are dietary issues please be sure to note this when registering. To register please send a note in the contact me form. Payment can be made on the evesoldinger.com or the sacredintuitivehealing.com web sites.

The cost of the weekend will be $300. for practitioners. For students there will be a fee reduction to $225.

You do not have to take all 5 classes to participate. The second weekend on wood is currently planned for the last weekend of April.

A total of 13 PDAs have been granted by NCCAOM.

While attending shamanic workshops at Findhorn in Scotland, I appreciated the chance to live onsite for a week and to partake of the consecrated atmosphere they have cultivated over many decades. Yet, I found myself in similar sacred consciousness during Eve’s classes on the Shamanic Approach to Energy Work. It was easy to remain in a deep state of connection to the divine mysteries.

Eve offers a graceful balance between teaching content from her vast expert knowledge, nurturing the engagement of each participant, and intuitive facilitation, allowing Spirit to enter fully. L.B., Edmonds, WA