“Transformation. That would be the best word to describe what I’ve undergone while working with Eve Soldinger through acupuncture as well as medical Qigong. I went to Eve feeling unsure and rather stuck. I knew that I had energy blocks in my system that were affecting certain areas of my life and didn’t know what to do about them. After the very first session with Eve, I had a strong sense that our work together would help. Eve’s incorporation of mind, body and spirit is essential to the transformation that I’ve experienced. My work with her has allowed me to release past emotional pain and I have grown exponentially because of it.

After several months of acupuncture and energy work, I felt called to take her Qigong class which has significantly furthered this spiritual, mental and emotional evolution. I can most definitely say that I am not the same person I was when I first began working with Eve. I now feel that I have the confidence to thrive.

Her compassionate, gentle and direct approach to healing makes her a comforting presence to work with. I can also genuinely say that she has become a trusted teacher and friend. I always recommend Eve to those close to me because of the significant impact she has made, and continues to make, on my personal journey.”

— GC, Rockville, MD

“Eve is an outstanding teacher who knows how to bring out the best in others. In medical qigong, she welcomes newcomers and challenges advanced students with the subtleties of breath and of form. (Qigong is similar to yoga, and yet it is more specific to cultivating energy and cleansing organs.)

Eve’s motivation is to show participants how to get the most out of these specific movements in order to cleanse, regulate and build various forms of ‘qi,’ or ‘life force.’ Her presence and her willingness to engage with others, holds the space for new life to come through. Each class is fresh and interesting. I cannot speak more highly of another who is so generous and committed to our wellness of being.”

— NM, Washington, DC

“While attending shamanic workshops at Findhorn in Scotland, I appreciated the chance to live onsite for a week and to partake of the consecrated atmosphere they have cultivated over many decades. Yet, I found myself in similar sacred consciousness during Eve’s workshops. It was easy to remain in a deep state of connection to the divine mysteries. Eve offers a graceful balance between teaching content from her vast expert knowledge, nurturing the engagement of each participant, and intuitive facilitation, allowing Spirit to enter fully.”

— LB, Fairfax, CA

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