Qigong & Sacred Renewal Agenda

Day 1: Fly into Albuquerque – November 2

  • Everyone will be picked up at the airport unless you have arrived the day before like me.  Please schedule your flights to come in by 4 pm to allow for the pickup.  When you schedule your return flight remember that we will be at least 2 hours away on Monday morning.  If you have an early flight, you will need to have your own car.  And you might want to stay longer anyway.
  • Check into hotel.  (I have not booked this hotel yet.)
  • Before dinner a Qigong practice and meditation setting intention for the workshop.   We will bring in the sacred power of the directions and perhaps have time to consult the I-Ching.
  • It will be the Day of the Dead this day.  This is a traditional time in the SW and Hispanic culture when the veils between the worlds are thin. We will seek out activities around Albuquerque and we will most likely wander in that direction to create the evening.
  • Dinner in Old Town

Day  2

  • Meet to practice Qigong -2 hours
  • Brunch
  • Drive to Ghost Ranch
  • Take a scenic hike on the property. (Or they have many talks that they give about he wildlife, Georgia O’Keefe, etc.)   The task for you as an individual is to ask permission of the earth for the shifting what you are working on.  Part of that will be getting grounded and part will be feeling into the vibration of the land.  There is always a message for each participant and it can start with the land.
  • Dinner
  • Full Moon Ceremony – Taking in the Night Sky – Finding the vibration between Heaven and Earth – Using Qigong to recognize the sacred space of the heavens. In Taoist traditions there is the empowerment that comes with feeling the planets energies.   This is to be a transformational ceremony for your healing so it is helpful to be clear about your intention.

Please note that it will already be cooler by this date.  Be prepared to have warm clothing at night and layers during the day.