Qigong and Creative Manifestation

led by Eve Soldinger

November 1 – 5, 2018, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

This is the second annual Qigong workshop at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico that I’ll be leading from November 1-5, 2018.  Last year we had the most wonderful experience during our retreat and many of us were already looking forward to returning this year!  Again, we have the opportunity for expansion and transformation within the energetic container of the cauldron that is Ghost Ranch.  For anyone who didn’t come last year and is not familiar with the area it has a colorful history with a good share of bandits, card games for property ownership, and the site of one of Georgia O’Keefe home and where she painted many of her landscapes.  The land has amazing vistas and allows for and encourages an open and amazing sense of expansion.  When doing Qigong at Ghost Ranch there is a different sense of what it means to be practicing between heaven and earth and have the intensified Qi stream through the body.  It is a spectacular place to study and practice Qigong.

For general information on Ghost Ranch please go to their website www.ghostranch.org.

Register for $890

Or 2 payments of $500 for first payment and second payment of $390 by September 1:

Pay $500 First Fee

Pay $390 Second Fee


Ghost Ranch

Last year the difficulty for most people was the time change but not the elevation.  The structure for the workshop is developing and all the offerings would be wonderful for all, but if your energy and heart needs to be in your cabin, or you need to rest, or go for a walk,  just let me know so we know you are okay and you can join us as scheduled when you are ready.  Many of the changes I have made are based on what worked or didn’t work last year, but all this structure is the basic plan and it is still developing.

The workshop is open to all, whether you came last year or you didn’t.  All are welcome.  Please contact me if you are interested, or pay the registration fee and I will contact you shortly.    I’ll need the entire amount for the workshop by September 1.  Refunds will not be available after that if I don’t get a replacement for you.  In other words, if you decide the week ahead that you don’t want to go, unless you have extenuating circumstances, your money will not be refunded.  The cost for the workshop will be $890.  This includes 4 nights at Ghost Ranch, 3 breakfasts, 2 dinners, and 2 lunches at the ranch and all the teaching.  It doesn’t include the costs of the horseback ride, archery, tours, etc.  The cost for entry at Ojo Caliente is $38. This includes the cost of a locker, robe and towel. The treatments were seemingly very wonderful at an additional cost.  Any meals we have outside GR aren’t included in the price. 

Unlike last year all reservations at Ghost Ranch will be made through me.

Also, if people are interested there might be the possibility of a night in Sante Fe after the workshop.   I know that I would be interested.

I hope to see you there.

In light and love,